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Welcome to the Internet's definitive directory of UK advert soundtracks. We currently have 2525 ads in the database, and counting...

To find the song, artist or company you are looking for, use the quicksearch (above right), or the menu to (left) to browse the full database. If you come unstuck, check out the (fantastic) messageboard.

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Search first! The Board contains just as much information as our database. If you can't find what you are looking for, search there and you may well find what you are after! Good luck…

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Question time…
If you were to have sister sites to this site, what would they be? As the editor, I have some cracking ideas that have been fleshed out over many a pub drink. I'd like to put it forward to you that if there were a range of CBABs, what areas would you cover?
Movie songs are a given… Go on, let us know - it has to be rarely found on the internet. A stamped addressed e-mail to the usual place please!

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Now - I'm confused. Which ones eat the Yorkies? Does the Caramac Rabbit get caught in the headlights? Do Smarties have the answer? Will the man from Milk Tray throw himself in the path of the Ambassador who won't stop spoiling us? Bah, who cares?
It's Queen!!  Buy Online.

Weekly Feature


Company   Artist and Song Title Buy Online
Volvo C30 Design Creates Debate   Baikonour - Hoku To Shin Ken   
Robinsons Fruit Shoot: H2O   Architecture in Helsinki - Fingers Crossed   
Nissan Qashqai   Verdi, Guiseppe - Sempre Libera   
John Lewis Branding   Lata Mangeshkar - Wada Na Tod   
VO5 Military Styling   Santogold vs. Switch & FreQ Nasty - Creator   
O2 Bluebook   A Cuckoo - The Girl From My Dreams   
Lexus Branding   Isaac Albeniz - Asturias (Leyenda)   
Lucozade Sports   Scratch Perverts, The - Stand By   
DFS Easter   Puccini, Giacomo - Oh mio bambino caro   
Estee Lauder Pleasures   Explosions In The Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone   
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Arif Driessen, 2004

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