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2002-07-02: Site of the day!
We got Radio 2’s site of the day yesterday which is… fantastic! It ties in with the database topping 1400 entries, and some good rare ones filtering through thanks to the message board. Keep them coming.

2002-06-30: Have your say!
Our new message board is now in place. I hope you all take part and enjoy it. Feel free to post anything you think is relevant to the site. Hopefully you will be able to help us with some of those more obscure ads and tunes that still need identification…

2002-06-23: New features…
The Date Search is nearing completion. As a result we have been able to incorporate the Sort By Year index. This serves as a great intermediary between where we were and where we hope to be soon…. Stay tuned.

2002-06-21: Media Frenzy…
It has been a great week for CBAB this week. Not only did we appear in The Guardian on Thursday 20 June, but we also spoke to John Mills at BBC Radio Norfolk to discuss the site and the trend towards ad-related hit singles.

2002-06-17: Damn Statistics!
For those of you who are wondering why our Top Ten is less frequently updated this month… Our domain hosting company is implementing lots of new features, some of which relate to the site statistics (where we glean the information relating to your favourite searches). At present we can access them monthly… this will soon give rise to daily access, and from that point on, you will see many more updates.

2002-06-17: Behind The Scenes…
Thanks to all of you who have recently posted in some really tricky ones. It helps the site to work really well when new ones are turned around so quickly. New entries include Sprite, VW, Sony Eriksson T68i and Sony Net MD.

2002-06-05: Sorted!
Due to popular demand we have incorporated an alphabetical index to the sort pages.
This should make it much easier! (Sorry it took so long…)

2002-05-25: Shaping Up
Now that we are into our third week, things are starting to really shape up. Both this section and the Resources section have been added to substantially, and, as usual, the database is steadily growing. There have been many requests for fine adjustments to our Advanced search, and the majority have been put into place. We are now also now available at

2002-05-18: Mind The Gap
All of the songs used in the current Gap commercials have been added.
Check out Down On Khaki Street, Denim Invasion and Dennis Hopper and Christina Ricci playing Chess.

2002-05-17: Weekly Roundup…
Many improvements have been made to both the functionality and the database this week, most notably the inclusion of over 1300 links to featured singles and albums. A lot more further information has also been included on our featured artists. Thanks to all of you again for your comments and recommendations. Keep them flooding in!

2002-05-11: Extra Functionality
We have added an advanced search and a Top Ten (Which has proved to be very popular -- Ed).
These were implemented along with 12 additions to the database.

2002-05-10: Traffic Jam!
Thanks to for linking to us!

2002-05-09: A New Chart Entry!
Straight in at number 20 in the Blogdex charts. Fantastic!

2002-05-08: Keep ’em Coming!
We have had a huge influx of requests for various ad tunes today, along with many recommendations for new features.

By overwhelming popular demand the song from the new Fanta ad has been included.
Click the telly at the top of the page to see it in the most requested list!

2002-05-08: Minor Update
Added ‘Stealing Fat’ by The Dust Brothers (from the Fight Club OST), the soundtrack to the current Volvo S60 ad (where the car navigates its way through the crabs).

2002-05-08: Resources Section
Resources section added with plenty of links to videos and web archives. In the fullness of time we hope to be able to include some fairly heavyweight reports on the study of music in advertising, but as yet we haven’t been able to lay our hands on any. If you find anything that might be relevant, we would be very grateful if you could mail the…

2002-05-08: News Section
News and information section implemented (you are looking at it!). This is where to come for the low-down on all the latest updates to the site. As it fills out, it in turn will become searchable.

2002-05-07: Minor Update
Due to popular demand (!!!) we have quickly added ‘Holes’ by Mercury Rev, the soundtrack to the new advert for Channel Four’s Big Breakfast replacement ‘RI:SE’. Expanded on further information links for 200 existing Artists.

2002-05-07: Traffic Jam!
Thanks to B3TA for linking to us!

2002-05-06: Content Update
The A-Z of advert entries is now complete.

We have added a monthly feature is now incorporated (requiring a quick design amend). The debut feature is Nike’s Scorpion Knockout advertisement featuring a remix of Elvis Presley’s ‘A Little Less Conversation’. Look out for next month’s World Cup special.

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