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Here are some of the more useful links around the internet that our team have uncovered. If you find any broken links, or think that we have missed any out, please let us know.

Media UK : Forum
The largest media community in the UK.
This page details some of Andy’s (and my) own favourite ads. All of them are MPEG-4 encoded and downloadable. The ad archive is regularly added to. Check it out!
Ad Mad : Magazine
Advertising news, jobs, and agency directory and much much more from this magazine site.
Famous for their presitigious Yellow Pencils - Here you can find the best in british design and advertising.
A prestigious international advertising festival.
The official web site of the international advertising festival.
The world’s largest archive of TV commercials, growing at the rate of 7000 new spots each month.
Providing compilations of the latest TV ads from around the world. An excellent resource. : Archive
A US-based site to find information on music used in television commercials, TV shows, movie trailers, soundtracks, video games and more.
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If you want to boost your knowledge of ads run both on and off your TVs...

The Copy Book
Check this book out at
Cutting Edge Advertising
Check this book out at
Absolut Book
Richard W. Lewis
Check this book out at
Advertising Today
Warren Berger
Check this book out at
Tele Tunes 2002
Mike Preston
Check this book out at
Best Ads: Sex in Advertising
Dave Saunders
Check this book out at
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!
Luke Sullivan
Check this book out at
A Big Life in Advertising
Mary Wells Lawrence
Check this book out at
Find me more like these!